What Prevents You From Loving Yourself?

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. — How often is the question, “What is loving to myself and others – what is in my highest good and the highest good of another?” the question that guides your actions? Is there something in the way of you asking this question? What is the fear that gets in the way […]

The F Word

By Anne McGhee – No, this is not a review of Gordon Ramsay’s programme, though I do love it! This is a review of another four letter word beginning with F – FEAR!!!! Dictionary definition: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition […]

Facing the Enemies Within and Conquering Your Fear

By Aslam Cheval — When utilized properly, fear can keep us alive, alerting us to dangerous situations and risky behaviours. Truth be told, fear is actually a survival mechanism-those who have no fear aren’t aware that touching that poisonous spider will kill them. But fear can also be crippling as well, hindering your every thought […]

Face Your Fears to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Both people with high self-esteem and people with low self-esteem have fears. The difference lies in how they face these fears.

The Biggest Fear – Part 2

In the first installment of “The Biggest Fear,” I addressed the root cause of the fear of public speaking. In this second installment, I’m pleased to offer practical tips for taming the fear of public speaking – and harnessing that energy to better motivate and inspire yourself:

The Biggest Fear – Part I

By Neil Tepper, aka “The Creativity Doctor” Fear is a funny thing. Well, not like in ha-ha-ha. More like in peculiar … how it messes with your mind. Each of us has things we’re afraid of – things that go bump in the night, in all aspects of our life. And, then, of course, there’s […]

5 Powerful Steps to Free You From Your Fears

Regardless of how successful you are, you have fear. Why? Because you are human. Yet, the difference between someone who reaches their dreams and someone who doesn’t is that one has the willingness to face and walk through their fears to get to the sweet side of accomplishment. Fear can be gripping and often hold you back from living a limitless existence. In my practice as a homeopathic physician and strategic coach, I find that fear is the one emotion that paralyzes people the most. And when you make major life decisions from a place of fear rather than true choice, you will often find yourself regretting your decision later or yearning for something much more satisfying.

Fear and How It Affects the Mind and Body – What is Fear?

By William Tell – Many of us may have asked ourselves this one question at one point in time or another, “What is fear and how it affects the mind and body?”. Sometimes the answer is “I don’t really know”, or “I sort of experienced something but not sure how to describe it”, so the […]

Is Fear Stopping You From Going For the Gold?

By Wende Sanders – Over the last few weeks, when I’ve been in line at the store or just picking up my daughter from school, it’s been hard to avoid hearing people comment on the latest catastrophe that should have us all distraught. Some people seem to focus on the media’s forecast of doom and […]

This Week's Videos are About Fear

By Irene Conlan – This week we will take a good look at fear. I received a comment from Stanley Popovich who has written a book about fear. (See the article in the left column). I decided to devote the week to fear and other emotions that hold us back and keep us from doing […]

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