Four Ways to Improve Your Self Esteem

Did you know that two out of three people in North America have a low self esteem? Self esteem influences our success and happiness in life. Here are four proven ways to improve your self esteem.

What Are You Afraid Of?

By Irene Conlan – When I saw the first video in the right column, my stomach became queasy and my palms sweaty. The thought of jumping out a plane terrifies me and I certainly would never choose to do that. But from the look on the faces of the people jumping, I am missing a […]

Shift From Fear to Curiosity, Be Curious About What You’re Afraid Of

Everyone has fear. We don’t always want it, but it’s there anyways. Fear often times makes us think and learn something about ourselves. It’s not always easy to face our fears, but we have to because in the end, fear is what makes us move on and grow in different ways.