Thanksgiving: A Time To Count Your Blessings

By Madelynan Doyle – It’s Thanksgiving in America. This is my favorite holiday because there is no pressure to buy gifts. It is the day to stop, think and appreciate. You get together with family and friends. You look at each other and appreciate your relationships and the blessings of everyday life. You feast together […]

Want to Get Happy? Learn the Art of Contentment

By Lori V Woodward  — Gratitude Is the Key To Changing Your Life A lot of people have accepted negativity and the sourness of their situations as their particular lot in life, and have taken the perspective of having the glass half full. If you want to completely depart from that, and have your life […]

3 Ways to Amplify Your Self-Esteem Through Gratitude

By Lakeysha Marie – “Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes suddenly.” Tony Robbins Low self-esteem can be tricky in that it makes you feel like everything is wrong in the world, namely yourself. Unmet expectations can lead you to believe that your life is one rain cloud after another. However this couldn’t […]

A Challenge for You: Can You Stop Complaining for 24 Hours?

Matthew Kelly, author of Seven Levels of Intimacy, tells the story of a teacher in a northern California high school who challenged his students to do two things: 1. Try going 24 hours without complaining. 2. Keep a log of what you are grateful for. Read it four times a day. When the assignment was […]

Unleashing Your Gratitude Guru – 7 Positive Psychology Life Coaching Tips

In these tough economic times it is easy to fall into a funk. Reflecting on your personal situation can leave you feeling weak and blah. You can learn to stretch your gratitude muscle and pump up your positivity.

The Thanksgiving Secret

By Judy Davis – What are you grateful for? Have you ever been asked that question? The month of November is a time when we naturally think about all that we are thankful for in our lives. I know that we have a tradition on Thanksgiving Day to go around the table and tell everyone […]

Gratitude, Why It’s the Most Powerful State and What to Do If You Just Don’t Feel Peachy Keen

Being in the state of Gratitude is wonderful and very Powerful! You can’t be in a bad mood or negative vibration if you are feeling thankful for something you have. It is impossible.

The Penetrating Effect of Gladness

Gladness has an oily joy about it. It refuses to be swayed by anything but the best, though it can also see and deal with the worst; it’s full of love. It reminds me of the old spiritual quoting Isaiah: “Put on garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” If there’s a smile, no matter the circumstances, there’s life, pure and simple!

Gratitude plus Appreciation – An Important Key to Happiness

It’s interesting how words come to take on a different meaning as we grow, learn more, reflect. I used to have a practice of gratitude – listing in my mind everything I can think of that I am grateful for that day. No I spend time appreciating what I am grateful for. What a powerful way to start the day.

I Choose to Be Happy and Grateful Daily

am happy and grateful today because… Can you fill in the blanks? Being happy and thankful are keys to finding true success in any endeavor and life in particular.

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