Dancing With Your Gremlins

By Cindy Loughran – One of my clients, a senior manager who I’ll call Jim was frustrated and felt stuck.  He had received a performance review from his boss in which he was criticized for not taking initiative and for frequently missing deadlines.  When Jim and I started working together, his future in his current […]

Sorting Things Out

By Irene Conlan – Yesterday I took on the long avoided task of sorting lids and containers. It seemed like I never had the right lid to fit the container I had already filled with leftovers destined for the refrigerator. It was  time to fix it – actually it was time to fix it several […]

Conquering Life’s Challenges

Graciously submitted to the Self Improvement Blog by Sam Davis – Life is so very full of challenges. They’ll meet you in various situations and some are harder to overcome than others. The most difficult ones tend to be internal – those that test a part of who you are. This type of challenge is […]

3 Simple Habits That Will Make You More Successful in Your Life

By Shawn Lim – Your habits determine the decision and action that you will make in your life. Therefore, it is your habit that will determine how successful you are. The only difference between a successful person and a person who is struggling in his life lies in their habit. If you are a hard […]

Self Improvement and Limiting Habits

It seems like Monday but it’s Wednesday. Isn’t it interesting to start the work week on Wednesday? Day after tomorrow we’ll be saying, “Thank God it’s Friday.” Most of us will be confused until next Monday when it starts on the right day and unfolds in the right order. We are, indeed, creatures of habit. […]