Values and Worth

By Joan M Newcomb — What’s most important in life for you? Where do you focus 90% of your attention? What do you spend most of your money on? Do you feel satisfied with your life? The answer to these questions may – or may *not* give you a clue about your core values. For instance, […]

Relationships – What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Forming relationships has complexities that we rarely stop to think about especially relationships of the romantic kind. We meet someone. We form our first impressions. It may or not be a mutual attraction. Whether it is or is not, the next step is to get better acquainted and we do that with with all our senses.

The Rich Sound of Silence

Silence is not the same as being quiet. You can be quiet but not silent. Silence implies stillness of the mind, emotions and body not merely the absence of noise. It isn’t a place you go to but it’s a state the Buddhists call “no mind.” It isn’t easy to define, describe or know about. While it can be reached in a spontaneuous split second by some, for others reaching it is an arduous journey. But once experienced you are not the same and you long for more.The silence is rich, full, sweet. I consider it the kiss of the Beloved that leaves you longing for more.