Some Life Skills – Please and Thank You!

By Irene Conlan – My four year old grandson was here yesterday. He is sometimes challenged by the words “please” and “thank you.”  When he declared, “Grandma, I need some chocolate milk” I replied, “I didn’t hear the magic word that goes with that,” he reluctantly and begrudgingly added, “please.” “You know, Jack,” I said, [...]

Today's Lesson from a Computer Game

By Irene Conlan – I love computer games and I’m addicted to Pogo. No, I don’t work for them and I have never won a prize for playing their games. But there are things I learn, not necessarily about how to play the game but about me. This morning while I was trying to decide [...]

It's Time to Switch Holiday Gears

By Irene Conlan – And now we move from being thankful for all we have to the mode of wanting more, and more . . . and more. And we’re shopping, maxing out the credit cards in our buying frenzy. We have to be sure we give the biggest, most expensive, most desired gifts or [...]

Setting A New Record

By Irene Conlan – We broke a record in Phoenix yesterday – the highest recorded temperature for November 17. It was an absolutely gorgeous 87 degrees. The morning was crisp and cool but not uncomfortable while the afternoon was deliciously warm and, again, not uncomfortable. It was one of  those amazingly perfect, absolutely beautiful days [...]

Nattering Neigh Bobs of Negativity Getting You Down?

By Irene Conlan – I generally do not watch the news – maybe one or two newscasts a week but no more. The local news is filled with murder and mayhem, robberies, kidnappings and other reports of negative events and personal disasters. The national news is filled with the same only on a global scale. [...]

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner

By Irene Conlan – Have you noticed how the focus on the holidays has changed? If you’re young you probably don’t notice anything different but those of us who’ve been on the planet for more than fifty years may remember a different focus. Thanksgiving has always been a celebration – a celebration of a bountiful [...]

Let's Talk About Death and Taxes

By Irene Conlan – There’s an old saying, ”The only two things you can count on for sure are death and taxes.”   We’ve heard a lot about taxes in these days leading up to the election and most of us don’t believe either candidate after they emphatically claim they will not raise taxes and then [...]

Holiday Decor – a poem about grief

By Kim Hodne I walked through a shop today not expecting to see holiday décor I tried to ignore all the Christmas trees and trinkets But the Nutcrackers caught my eye They were all lined up on display and seemed to beckon me to stop The memories swept over me and I thought it best [...]

The Flat Iron

I know some older people who fight it and I did for a while. I heard myself say onece, “What’s t he matter with me?” a phrase I have banned from my vocabulary. Nothing is the matter with me. My self esteem is in tact. I still have lots of talents and abilities. But now I have time to hear that four year old – almost five – say “Gramma, can we play Crazy Eights?” I can do that and nothing has ever been sweeter.

What does psychoneuroimmunology have to do with self improvement? Everything.

The science of psychoneuroimmunology puts a whole new spin on an approach to self improvement. It has been clearly demonstrated scientifically that the effect of emotions on the immune and endocrine systems impact the physical organism and results in illness. If the strong negative emotions are held over a long period of time

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