Meditation and Self Improvement

For meditation, you just need you and a quiet space that will be free of interruptions. Come with a positive attitude knowing that something very good will come of it if you persist. This may become a habit you will never want to break.

Stop Procrastination – Time Management Is More About Behavior Management Than Time

The importance of time management seems quite clear to us.

More often than not, we can have the best intentions of following the organizing tips we have come across. We spend time organizing computer files in preparation of our work, even purchasing and learning how to use time tracking software and other digital graphic organizers and tools.

When We Need Comfort

Quite some years ago, when I first started doing hypnotherapy and was working in a clinic, I had a client who wanted to lose weight. She was a lovely elderly woman in her mid-seventies with beautiful snow white hair, a bit plump but certainly not fat, and a smile that lit up the room. She […]

Senior Moments and Self Improvement

One of the first things I did in early 2008 was renew my passport so I could visit my brother at his Condo on the Baja peninsula. He called me last Fridayto say, “Come on down and let’s go whale watching.” I responded, with great certainty, when he questioned me, that I did, indeed, have […]

Belief in Yourself – The Best Kind of Faith You Can Have!

By Sharon Capehart There is no more empowering feeling than to wake up each day, excited about what the day has to bring, and motivated and inspired to do everything that you want to do. Is that the formula for a successful person? You bet it is! I know this to be true because this is […]

Self Improvement and Limiting Habits

It seems like Monday but it’s Wednesday. Isn’t it interesting to start the work week on Wednesday? Day after tomorrow we’ll be saying, “Thank God it’s Friday.” Most of us will be confused until next Monday when it starts on the right day and unfolds in the right order. We are, indeed, creatures of habit. […]

Some Self Improvement Thoughts Now That the Holidays Go Into Full Gear

One more day of November and the holdiay season is moving into high gear. Every TV commercial says “Buy, Buy, Buy.” Some even suggest that you get a loan so you can buy those expensive gifts you think each member of your family wants (and needs?) After all, will 5 year old Tommy ever respect you […]

The One Eyed Hypnotist – The Hypnotic Effect of TV

Little Jimmie sits in front of the Saturday cartoons. You have selected his programs carefully to avoid violence, wild behavior and bad language. You know the programs are relatively wholesome and you really need the time to get some things done.  Little Jimmie loves it. Lunch time comes and he begins to cry for the […]

Let's Talk About Addictions

There’s a lot of talk about addictions, especially about addiction to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.   A definition, without getting too clinical is: An addiction is a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity. An addiction can be physical and/or psychological. It differs from a passion in that it has to be done whether […]

Are Addictions All In Your Head?

I realize a question like the one posed as the title of this article may ruffle a few feathers, but I have to explore it anyway.  Why?  Mainly because I battled addictions to both alcohol and cigarettes for more than fifteen years, and walked away from both of them a little over a year ago, […]

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