Turning Negative to Positive or What Do I Want to Manifest Today?

Every morning the first thing I do after checking my email is log in to Pogo and play the Daily Word Search Game. It gets me awake and gets my mind working. After some breakfast I sit down to blog. This morning’s puzzle was very different. The topic was “Things I Fear” and the  words […]

How to Master Manifesting

By Barbara Garcia A master of manifesting knows the laws of attraction and how to allow synchronicity to lead them to their dreams. They follow a few basic principles that we will explore in this article. The very first directive in any course of action in the art of manifesting is a relaxed mind that […]

The Seven D's of Manifesting Our Innermost Desires

 By Melinda M. Sorensson There are seven steps for manifestation,  each of which is essential in the process.  In order to fully appreciate the process of manifesting, you will need a stack of blank papers and a pen or a pencil to do the exercises.  Print the article and do the exercises for each step, […]

Wealth is Not Measured in Millions

by Silke Rehman  Isn’t it ? What is it measured in then ? My banking friends would strongly insist that it is money, of course, you measure wealth in. Wealthy individuals are high net worth individuals, who simply have lots of money…millions. Could there be another way of measuring wealth ? If you have seen […]

Self Improvement – What's Your Story?

Once upon a time there was a young woman who had some problems as a child. Her mom and dad both worked long hours to give her the things she wanted and she believed that, since they weren’t around much, they didn’t love her. As a teen she thought they didn’t understand her because they […]

The Law of Attraction at Work

It’s done! I sign the escrow papers today! Yeehaw! I get the key this afternoon!  The house is mine. It was a tremendous lesson for me in manifesting something big. The small stuff is usually easy. But a house when the market crashes is as easy for the Universe to supply as a parking space at […]

Let's Celebrate!

An hour after I posted yesteday’s article, I received a call that my “new house” was moving out of “Appraisals” and on  to underwriting and we should close escrow on this Friday or next Monday. It was important that I manage my own energy, emotions and thoughts for the block to open up. I had to […]

Universal Law of Attraction – Manifesting Your Desires With The Universal Law of Attraction

 By Israel Goldman Similar to the universal law of gravity, there is a universal law of attraction. The universal law of gravity states: “Every mass attracts every other mass by a force heading along the line combining the two.” It’s universal, because this law applies to everything in the universe. The universal law of attraction […]

Un-Blocking the Funding or I'm a Human, Not a Fish

The article below – Your Emotions, Money and the Law of Attraction, by Steve Lobe  – talks about how your emotions can block your funding. Well, I believe my emotions did just that and the flow of funding for my house got stuck in the hands of the underwriter, with the appraisal as the culprit. […]

Your Emotions, Money and the Law of Attraction

by Steve Lobe  Every one who uses the Law of Attraction to attract and increase your wealth and abundance will quickly learn that in many ways, our emotions are linked closely with money. We all know that Emotions can be both a strong benefit and hindrance in your ability to attract financial abundance in your […]

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