Free Roses and Self Improvement

roses Sometimes we’re just at the right place at the right time.

That happened to me the other day in the grocery store. My grandson and I had done our Friday shopping and were in the check-out line having one of those wonderful conversations that only you and a four year old can have. He thought the lady in front of us had taken our cat food because she had the same kind I bought for my tabby. She heard him talking about it and joined in the conversation telling him all about her cat and inquiring about ours.She was lovely and seemed to enoy her conversation with Jack. As we finished checking out, an employee with two bouquets of roses in her hands approached, asking if I would like to have some roses and, if so, would I prefer red or pink. How much? FREE. Free is always good. See the picture for my choice.

(This is an aside but, actually, I need to show you another picture – one of the tabby and the roses. You see, my cat loves to eat plants – her favorite is orchids and now I see she has developed a taste for roses as well.)cat eating roses

Anyway, back to the day and being at the right place at the right time. You see, it was one of those days when I got everything off to the right start with my rampage of appreciation, some meditation, a bit of prayer, and some great music. Things generally fall into place nicely when I start my day this way and I always expect that things will go well. They always do. I don’t mean that crazy things don’t happen – things still break or fall apart or the unexpected unexpectedly appears. The difference is that I don’t have to awfulize it or go through my drama. It just is what it is. But, at the same time, when I’m in this positive space I draw wonderful things to me – like free roses. Now, I’m XX years old and no grocery store has given me free roses before. I hope this isn’t the last time. It made my day even grander.

Jack and I came home, shared the roses with his dad and had ourselves a big bowl of ice cream to celebrate our great fortune. How good is that?

My point? Try starting your day in a way that gets you blood flowing, your energy up, your mind set for wonderful things to happen. Get you mind set on the positives and allow your emotions to help you “feel good.” When it becomes real to you, then you can expect to manifest delicious days and maybe get some free roses, too.

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