New Year's Resolutions

Well, are you going to make some New Year’s Resolutions or you going to let 2009 come in with out resolves of your own?  So are they realistic? Are they for one year – 2009 – or will they take a lifetime to accomplish? Are the realistic and doable?

“I resolve to bring about world peace” may not be a realistic resolution if you are in a regular 9 – 5 job or working at home doing data entry. It may not  even be a realistic resolution if you are a renowned world leader. However, “I am going to bring as much peace into my own being and my own surroundings as I can” may be something you can strive for in the new year. These resolutions should be followed by a statement such as “I will accomplish this by …” For example, “I intend to bring peace into my own life and surroundings through meditation to get myself centered, balanced and connected, by being kinder to others, by taking control of my own thoughts and emotions and by showing appreciation for all I have and for those who contribute to my life and well being.”

“I resolve to become a perfect size 4” may be realistic if you are now a size 6 but may not be realistic if you are a size 36 – unless you can become a participant in The Biggest Loser. “I intend become a realistic size by doing the following: __________. ”

“I resolve to get my Ph.D.” is not realistic if you have not obtained a high school diploma or a GED but can be very realistic if you are finishing the work for a master’s degree.

“I resolve to have perfect health” may not be as realistic as “I intend to eat a more balanced diet and exercise on a regular basis”

“I intend to become debt-free in 2009” may not be as realistic as “I intend to get my spending under control and cut down on my credit card debt by spending less and paying at least $_______ (e.g.$200) each month until it is paid in full.”

“I resolve  to stop watching TV” may not be as realistic as “I resolve to limit my TV viewing to 3 hours per day (or whatever you want).

“I resolve to exercise in 2009” may not be as realistic as “I resolve to take the stairs at work ever day” or “I resolve to work out at the gym 3 times each week” or “I resolve to walk at least 2 miles a day 3 or 4 days each week”

The point is to bring them “down to earth.” If they are “pie in the sky” you will never get started much less achieve them.

You might consider the following areas when you are making your resolutions:

Public service
Financial stability
Educational/Intellectual advancement
Emotional well being
Home life
Your own happiness

Me? Well, I think this year my resolution is very simple and very clear: “I intend to have more fun!” That’s it. More fun. That should make the world better for me and everyone around me. I don’t think an old lady can do better than that.

Happy New Year!

  • When I saw the title of this post I was really hoping to find something inspirational, but instead felt like the post was regurgitating a million different examples of what wouldn’t make for a realistic resolution. I enjoy your blog, but just felt that this post was a tiny bit disappointing and patronising. I would hope that the type of reader tuning into a blog called the ‘self improvement blog’ would be self aware enough to grasp the concepts abouve without having it spoon fed to them in 10 different examples

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