Living a Passionate Life – Handling the Highs and Lows

rosesBy Paula Harvey

Designing a passionate life is a continuous process and there will be highs and lows along the way. Have you been really in the flow of living passionately and then there is either a bump or a roadblock that appears before you? I know I have and my first reaction is, I should be passionate about my life every day. That is a big load to carry and really easy to get into the ‘shame on me’ mode.

Life is a rhythm and the secret is to be able to recognize when you are in a low time and give yourself space, loving care, and fun. The low times are a signal to you that you are not in the flow at the moment; you are in some sort of negative mental, emotional, or physical state. In other words you are in a contracted state, and it’s time to take a break.

For some of us, the only way that we can give ourselves a break is if we get sick. That is not the optimum type of break to take. When you take time out, you want to be able to enjoy it. So the key is to recognize the symptoms early on and give yourself a break before you get sick or develop resistance to living your passions. The harder you push yourself the worse things are going to get. Have you ever experienced this? What happened when you continued to move forward?

My experience is that it was hard to move forward because I “willed” myself through the tasks at hand and they didn’t turn out nearly as well as they would have if I had been more in the flow. I didn’t enjoy myself in the process, and it felt hard and unfulfilling.

Signals for low times may include:

* You are not inspired to take action
* You have absolutely no creative ideas
* You don’t get excited about living your passion
* You are thinking about what you don’t have
* The idea of taking action feels heavy

Make a list of the signals that come up for you when you reach a low spot or roadblock. Learn to recognize these signals and immediately plan a break. Walk outside, meditate, spend time with family or loved ones, enjoy your hobby, or read. Do whatever re-energizes and reconnects you to your inner guide. You’ll know what these activities are for you.

Schedule a meeting in your day planner to spend some time with yourself doing one of your favorite activities. This can help to even out some of those highs and lows. Remember, live is a journey and the idea is to enjoy the journey and live passionately.

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