Let’s think about our “good” habits?

lotusBy Irene Conlan –

Today let’s think a moment of the “bad” habits we’ve stopped or changed and the good habits we’ve developed. We are at times ruthless with ourselves, focusing only on what’s wrong and not noticing the things that are right.

Just like the unwanted habits, we sometimes have to focus on the good habits to recognize them. Let’s use me for an example to get you started. I used to be a terrible fingernail biter. I wanted to have lovely nails that tipped off pretty hands. Never had them. My nails are paper thin and tore off before they could get long – that is if I left them alone long enough to grow. I bit them right down to the quick.  I tried everything – putting band aids on them, painting them with that vile tasting stuff, getting manicures, putting nail strengthener on them and painting them a pretty color. Nothing worked. I would hide my hands in embarrassment. Then came acrylic nails. For twenty years now I have been a faithful follower getting my nails done every 2 or 3 weeks. They’re too expensive and too hard to chew. Now I simply don’t put them in my mouth. For me, even if I had to find such a solution, it was a major victory. I know women who have them put on and then bite them right off. I feel good about it

What about you? What habits – little or big – have you changed or stopped? Smile when you remember.

What about the habits of “please” and “thank you”? Do you have them? The other day a child was visiting my grandson. When he left, Jack said, “You know, Gramma, he didn’t say “please” and “thank you”  – quite a revelation to a 5 year old who is struggling with the lesson himself. Such wonderful habits.

Good table manners, listening when others speak, demonstrating politeness, finishing your work, being the first to smile and say “hello,” arriving on time – all of these are lovely little habits. My husband used to instruct our boys on what he called the four rules of living:

  • If you open a door, close it.
  • If you make a promise, keep it.
  • If you borrow something, give it back.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up.

Of course they bristled every time they heard it, but it was still a good practice.

Today, notice the good habits you have. Be aware of them throughout the day.

Feels good, doesn’t it?


One Response to “Let’s think about our “good” habits?”
  1. It is always easier to focus on doing the positive rather than NOT DOING the negative. It’s easier to adopt new positive habits than to stop negative habits. Many people focus more on their negative habits than on their positive habits, so it’s very good that you are encouraging people to notice their positive habits!

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