Why You’re Not Already Wealthy

By Tony Rush  http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Tony_Rush  

Everyone lives in a box. Your perception of “how things are” is your box. Own a house? It’s in your box. Got kids? They’re in your box. Earning $43,565 at a job you don’t like? That job is in the box. So is the $43,565.

Here’s what else: if you believe that hard work is required to be successful…that hard work is in your box, too. If you think that you’re not wealthy because of your lack of education…that lack of wealth is in the box. Along with your lack of a college degree. It’s all in there. Everything you have and accept as “how things are” is in the box.

Now, here’s what’s also true…

Everything you want from life that you don’t already have…is outside your box. And the “odds” — in terms of the percentage of people who make the choice — the “odds” are that you will never get to have what you want simply because your wants aren’t powerful enough to overcome your insecurity of being outside the box.

Get that. Because that’s the only thing keeping you from getting what you want: the insecurity, the fear or the anxiety of doing the things that will bring those goals INTO your box. Thus, success is simply a choice.

So…why aren’t you wealthy already? Simple: because you haven’t chosen to BE that person. You’re busy staying in your box.

Maybe you’ve decided not to be wealthy.  It’s possible. You might think, “Tony who would decide not to be wealthy?” Well, you probably didn’t say “I’ve decided not to be wealthy”….but if you’re not wealthy it’s because you have made the choices that do NOT lead to wealth. And it’s really the same thing.

Here’s the hard truth:  You are where you are because this is really where you chose to be.  Either through action or inaction.

In fact, some of you are reading this right now and you’re appalled that someone should say such a thing. that someone would actually suggest that you “not being wealthy yet” has been a choice you’ve made. You might even have a lot of “monkey chatter” going in your head right now listing all the perfectly good reasons why not being wealthy is not your choosing.

And here’s the catch: the reasons you give yourself for why you’re not rich is the stand that you’ve taken against becoming wealthy. If you are not wealthy, you will be defending your decision to remain in your current state EVEN AS YOU READ THIS. If you don’t believe it…stop right now and listen to your mind chatter.

Fortunately, the solution is quite simple. Understand that you cannot get to where you want to go with the same quality of thinking that created your present situation. Change your thinking and decisions and you change your life.

Get out of the box. Wonderful things are waiting.

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