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Dating is a challenge. It asks us to better coordinate our lives, become emotionally available, and to develop an ability to persevere regardless of setbacks. Being a single mother can compound these challenges as mothers must not only work through their own dating desires but protect the interests of their children.

That being said, single mothers might have an advantage when it comes to finding love because they have had enough experience to know what they want out of a relationship. The single mother knows the importance of the following:

A Well-Timed Introduction

When children are involved, the issue of when to meet your family and friends is brought to the surface in a jarring way. A mother’s first priority is her children. Thus she knows when it is a good time to let her kids meet the guy she is dating and she knows if he is the kind of man who would be a good role model. Single ladies take note: you can only introduce your new guy to the family once, perhaps it is a good idea to think through the timing, and let him meet them individually prior to his presence at their summer BBQ.

Goals and Needs in a Relationship

Dating happens at different stages in each of our lives; what we want when we are 18 is not the same as what we want when we are 30, but either way we need to know what are goals are. A single mum is even more aware of this. While not every single mum has the same dating goals, the presence of a child in her life means she will likely have a good understanding of where her life is going and who and in what way that special someone fits in.


Relationships and dating are full of pitfalls and bumps, arising as you find out more about the person you are seeing and what he or she expects from your time together. The questions that come up about the seriousness of a relationship, if you want to have kids and how quickly you want the relationship to progress again are brought to the fore when you are a single mum. Thus a single mum knows the importance of honesty when entering into the dating sphere. She is less likely to be with someone who doesn’t fulfill her dating needs because she is honest with them and herself about what she can do.

Whether you are dating in London , Manchester, Los Angeles or New York City, take a page out of the single mum’s dating manual and take time to understand your own dating goals and desires. Single motherhood is hard and single mums are to be commended for the complex decisions they must make.

By eHarmony UK
eHarmony launched in the United Kingdom in 2008, following a period of extensive research into love and relationships in the UK. Working in partnership with the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, a multi-disciplinary research team gathered and analyzed data to identify the patterns that predict compatibility for couples throughout the United Kingdom. After conducting the research, eHarmony developed models of compatibility specific to the United Kingdom resident population and now offers a UK relationship service based on a series of scientific models known as the eHarmony Compatibility Matching System®.


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