Self Appreciation Goes a Long Way

By Hope Wilbanks

Do you truly appreciate yourself? Do you spend time every now and then thinking about all the things you do, and how your contribution to this world makes it a better place? Or do you fight just to make it through every day, feeling empty and drained of energy? A little bit of self-appreciate goes a long way. If you find it difficult to appreciate yourself, or if you don’t know what self-appreciation means, this article will help to open your eyes to the art of appreciating yourself.

If you are like most people, you do not appreciate yourself. You are probably so wrapped up in life–doing things for others, running errands, working your job–that you have totally forgotten about yourself. You don’t know who you are, what you like, or even where you are going in life. You’re living just to get through each day. Stop! Today you are going to learn how to begin appreciating yourself, and when you do, others will begin to appreciate you more, too.

Thank yourself for a job well done. Do you ever stop and thank yourself? Probably not. But when someone else does something nice for you, what is your usual reply? A “thank you”, of course. So why not thank yourself? Did you get up this morning and go to work? Did you brush your teeth? Did you feed your body its morning fuel? Thank yourself! This might sound crazy, but try it for a few days and see how it makes you feel. Look in the mirror at yourself, smile, and say “Thanks!”

Value your time and energy. If you haven’t learned this by now, here is a secret that shouldn’t really be a secret: People will treat you the way you treat yourself. When you respect and appreciate yourself, you will receive that mutual respect and appreciation from others. When you learn to appreciate your time and energy, others will follow suit. This prevents energy drains and time suckers in your life.

Whether you realize it or not, self-appreciation is a form of self-love. Those who love themselves appreciate themselves, and expect the same from everyone else in their life. Self-appreciation is like a guard, that keeps dangerous people at bay and wards away negative, selfish actions as well. By loving and appreciating yourself, you show others how to treat you, too. So appreciate yourself every day, and watch the sentiment be returned to you.

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