Shift From Fear to Curiosity, Be Curious About What You’re Afraid Of

By Fred Nicklaus

I was meeting with my mentor and internet business coach Matt Furey. I listened as he spoke about the importance of removing fear from our lives. He spoke of the many ways both positive and negative that people react to their fears.

Later, I was lounging in my motel room I just happened to turn on the TV. It was about 1:30 in the morning and the first station that came on was the public TV station and they were hosting a program by well known motivational speaker and self help authority Dr. Wayne Dyer. The name of the program was Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

As I watched Dr. Dyer speak I was glued to the tv. What a passionate and down to earth presentation. One of the topics that he talked about was shift from fear to curiosity, be curious about what you’re afraid of.

Isn’t it interesting how things work? I had listened to Matt Furey talk about fear and now here I am listening to another talk about fear. I really do believe that things happen for a reason. It just so happened that this topic really interested me and its message was very believable to me so here it was showing up again. Do you believe that our thoughts can attract things?

What a great message Dr. Dyer gave. Instead of being fearful, be curious. Removing fear from the way that you analyze your situation puts a completely different face on the thing that you feared in the beginning. By putting a different face on it you allow yourself to find new and constructive possibilities for dealing with the situation.

Back to the message about fear. We all have it. We don’t necessarily want it, but it’s there anyway. Often times our fear is important in that it helps us stay out of situations that can be harmful to us. Sometimes our fear is unfounded, irrational, and it makes us worry about things that will never happen. Whatever the case, fear often times makes us think and learn something about ourselves. In the end it’s the fear that makes us move on and grow in some way.

It’s good for us to face our fears whether they be real or dreamed up. It’s also good for us to deal with these fears and use the experience to move on to become the bigger, better you that you are capable of becoming.

Use your fears wisely,

Fred Nicklaus

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