Videos for the week of May 17, 2009

happyfacebigThis week’s videos are a hodgepodge of videos I thought were funny and we always need a good laugh. Laughter, they say,  is the best medicine and the best self improvement tool. I hope you think they’re funny, too.

1st video is  Cat Hair from my favorite – Sheepfilms.  Here’s the description: “Making use of cat hair you find all over your clothes. Only a short film this time, I’ve been quite busy recently. ” If you love cats, this is especially funny – and rather sweet.

The 2nd Video
: Dana Carvey on Getting Older Please don’t be offended by this. If you’re past 50 you should understand what he’s saying. If you’re not past fifty,  know that you will someday understand even if right now you swear this will never be you.

Cell Phone Concerto
A full orchestra featuring the new soloist – the cell-phonist.  Found on the James Third Channel of You Tube Sorry, I can’t find credits for the orchestra and director. I will keep looking. If you like classical music this is really funny. If you don’t, you still might think it’s funny.

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