Videos on Habits and Addictions

The first video  is a documentary done by HBO.  It was originally 90 minutes long. This has been shortened and you are directed to HBO if you want to see more. It is still very good. If you wish to see it all I suggest that you go to HBO and read and view the videos.

HBO Documentary

The second video  is titled “Behavioral Compulsions & Causes of Drug Addiction” and was developed as a Public Service Announcement. It is very clear and covers a number of different kinds of addictions. It has many people talking about their own addictions and it shows pictures of the change in brain function.  If you don’t think your thoughts and behaviors are powerful, you probably will after you view this video.

The Third Video is a lovely little presentation for TED titled “The Habit of Happiness.”
With this heavy subject of addiction it’s nice to know that we can develop as habit of happiness as well as bad habits and addictions.

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